Boulder County Earth Day Tree-Plenish

Happy start to summer, with the arrival of Memorial Day! Looking back at the 2021-2022 year at Fairview Institute, we did a number of projects, including taking action to improve our community on Earth Day, last month. After the devastation of the Marshall Fire, and several local wildfires in March, members of the Institute partneredContinue reading “Boulder County Earth Day Tree-Plenish”

Turning a Green Lawn into a Green Future

Happy start to 2022! Now, in the new year, we have the privilege of looking back on 2021 from a climate vantage point. The Boulder community alone saw an abnormally warm year, particularly marked by nearly six months with little rainfall, breaking the all-time state record for the least precipitation in the second half ofContinue reading “Turning a Green Lawn into a Green Future”