Boulder County Earth Day Tree-Plenish

Happy start to summer, with the arrival of Memorial Day! Looking back at the 2021-2022 year at Fairview Institute, we did a number of projects, including taking action to improve our community on Earth Day, last month.

After the devastation of the Marshall Fire, and several local wildfires in March, members of the Institute partnered with students at other schools around the Boulder Valley School District, to initiate an effort to plant 1,200 trees around the Louisville and Superior communities, as part of the rebuilding efforts.

Our student-led coalition reached out to the Tree Plenish Organization, which generously supplied our project with several thousand saplings, all ordered by community members and open-space groups. All trees were planted on Earth Day and then some, in a different initiative, on Arbor Day as well.

Our student-led coalition garnered support and help from the City of Boulder’s Cool Boulder Initiative, The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado Chapter, numerous local businesses, and thousands of local residents.

In preparation of tree planting on Earth Day, we attained planting permission from local city councils, residents, and school administrations, and enlisted the help of hundreds of volunteers.

On Earth Day, our project, based out of three local high schools, distributed 2,350 trees, which were all planted in Boulder, Louisville, Superior, and surrounding government-owned open spaces. Our project was an overwhelming success, with the help of dozens of volunteer teams, and conscientious home-owners.

Efforts to maintain the health of the trees continue, with regular watering, and up-keep, to sustain the impact of the Earth Day planting.

We hope to re-organize the project again for Earth Day 2023, next year, in which case, we will again be looking for support, tree orders, and volunteers. It would be a great way to improve the Boulder County community – what we, here at Fairview Institute are continually working towards.

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